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Attachments issue related to MyPS
A while ago I decided to install MyPS and the attachment plugin for MyPS. I disabled them a month or two ago.

I just recently decided to host something on my forum, however I seem to be having an issue.

I set it so guests could freely download the attachments, however every time a guest tries to download they get a no permissions page forcing them to register even though it's set so guests can download attachments.

Also whenever an attachment is posted it still shows up like MyPS and the attachment plugin is still enabled such as Attachment name - size - cost.

It seems MyPS and the attachment plugin weren't fully uninstalled when disabling them.

Is there anything I can do to fix this?
If it's deactivated it shouldn't be causing any problems.

It's possible the template changes weren't reverted but that wouldn't prevent them from downloading at all. And you are sure 100% you set "unregistered/not logged in" to YES for "can download attachments"?

And do you have your settings.php writable? Check to make sure of that as in the past peoples edits don't change.
What templates do I manually revert to get the attachments back to their original state?

Remove this:

Cost: {$attachment[\'cost\']} {$mybb->settings[\'myps_name\']}

Are you certain the plugin is deactivated and that you didn't just delete something?

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