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[r4] Sideboxes
MyBB Version: MyBB 1.4
New Settings: 5 [ Side Boxes! Group ]
New Templates: 0
DB Changes: 0
File Changes: 0
Files: 1
  • ./inc/plugins/sideboxes.php
Images: 0
  • Upload ./inc/plugins/sideboxes.php into your ./inc/plugins/ folder
  • Go to your PluginManager and Activate the "Sideboxes" Plugin.

  • Would you like include the welcome box?
  • Would you like include the stats box?
  • Would you like include the search box?
  • Would you like include the the latest threads box?
  • Additional custom boxes

* Additional boxes on the right of the forums in index page.

Originally Made For 1.2.* By Zaher1988; His Copyright Remains

Update: 1.2 - 1.4
Deactivate 1.2.* version; Upload 1.4 version && activate.
If you had 'Additional Custom Boxes'; c/p the content first to somewhere so you can easily insert it again when you got the new version installed.

Update: 1.4.* - 1.4.5
Reupload ./inc/plugins/sideboxes.php

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There seems to be a bug.

All the threads in the latest threads link to the index of my forum rather than the actual thread. Aside from that, the boxes are displayed appropriately.
Forum link


Threads leading to index.php Fixed; reupload ./inc/plugins/sideboxes.php
Question - on the version for 1.2.x the latest posts would show to members who weren't meant to see that post... for example I have a forum for just staff, nobody else can see it, but threads made in that forum showed up on the latest threads box to all users.

Is this fixed in this version??
Should be; there was a fix for the 1.2.* version too somewhere.
Brilliant Smile
I'm sorry but for some reason this isn't working for me:
I Checked template and it seems to be ok :S.
Neither does your link ... i get a PNF error.

we use custom theme
The replace_templates function i add is for the MyBB Default Theme;
i can't add one that works on all Themes.
Post your index template.

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