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Will you be doing an updated modification for Skunkworks Medals?
This one is top 5 to get ported. Expect within 2 weeks. I know 2 weeks seems long but I have to leave for 4 days next week and work before and after I return. Unfortunately I have no control over when mybb released 1.4 and for me it's bad timing. Medals will probably be rewritten though as I want to do some better stuff with it.
Thanks Labrocca, glad to hear it`s going to get down! We all understand how schedules can be a pain Smile. Thanks and best of luck with your crazy week Smile
I can wait Big Grin
I allso look forward to the plugin again and i got a LOT of nice medals
**Translater and Beta Tester Game Section 1.2**
I´m allso using Mybb 1.4
Oh! Didn't see this thread before. I will leave soon some suggestions!

Go ahead with the new medals system labrocca. Your work is highly appreciated Big Grin

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