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MyBB Forest
[Image: logoag3.gif]
MyBB Forest v.1 by Lorddonk

Release Notes:
Here it is! My first MyBB 1.4 theme; MyBB Forest! It is inspired by my anticipation for an upcoming camping trip! I hope you all enjoy it!! I will begin porting over my older themes shortly. Also, please note you will have to find new images when using this theme due to the dark backgrounds.

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States
[Image: somerights20.png]

Installation Instructions:
* Upload the contents of the included 'Upload' directory, to your MyBB Installation's 'images' directory.
* Import the theme. MyBB Admin CP> Templates and Style > Themes > Import a Theme
* Additional Instructions can be found within the README file

[Image: previewtj6.jpg]

-Official MyBB Mods

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.zip   Less than 1 minute ago"> (Size: 158.92 KB / Downloads: 9)
Good work lorddonk
Downloaded. Big Grin

EDIT: Just want to let you know it takes a little modification since for some reason the theme is pointing to the wrong images directory (images/MyBBForest instead of images/MyBBForest/images).
Figured I'd upload some of the buttons I made to match the theme... my first ever public release of images so I hope they match up nicely! Big Grin


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.zip (Size: 29.44 KB / Downloads: 1)
mm good Big Grin
Looks nice dude, but for some reason I can't download it.
Gotta pay to play. Wink
So I gotta pay to download anything from this forum?
Unless things have changed. But as far as I know, yes.
Very Nice!

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