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Disable Subscriptions by default
This seems to be an issue with MyBB 1.4 right now as a decent amount of people were posting about it in the official MyBB forum.

I know you can disable it via the User CP, but we can't expect every member to that themselves.

I checked the settings on my test 1.4 forum and couldn't find an option to disable it so I'm guessing a plugin would have to do it.
Yes, that was brought up as a bug during the beta. It must have been overlooked with all the other many bug reports, since it should have been fixed by now.
Unfortunately I have to recommend to people not to install 1.4 until the release is more stable. It's been obvious the past 48 hours have unleashed a flurry of problems that can't all be solved immediately. We can only hope mybb staff fixes issues as quickly as possible and release an update. If you have already updated then you have two choices...downgrade to a backup or just keep working on the bugs.

As for your direct problem. You can probably run a mysql query to solve the issue.

Try this in phpmyadmin:

UPDATE mybb_users SET subscriptionmethod="0";

I haven't looked deeper into this bug though so I could be wrong that this will fix it.

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