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[r4] Country Flags On Index
Hello LeX (and others),
My country names are in Hebrew (most of my planed members/guests would not enter any info if it not in Hebrew) and thus, this plugin doesn't work. Can you think of any way I can get it to work?

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[Image: 82pwtx]
Wow looks nice! Let me try it
Thanks Lex!
A good plugin. Thank you.
Thank ypu Lex Wink
(Sep 07, 2008, 12:00 PM)Chainzs Wrote: for me I did install the User Country Flag and it works really good
but this one the Flags on Index isn't working... I will try to figure it out

hrm.. Do i have something to write in the

Show Flags Of Online Users? __FieldID
Fid Of The User Country CustomField?

did you ever figure out what to put in __FieldID ?
mine is blank and i have never got to work on Index Sad
Nope..... sorry about the late reply
it would be a nice little addition to my forum but I never could get this plugin to work
You couldn't find the FID of the Country Custom Field ?
ACP - Configuration - Custom Profile Fields - ID Column of User Country
Oh oh.. damn i feel like the worse noob here
it's working now :O)

thanks to you again LeX-
is this the same add as the other one?

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