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[r4] MyFriendCodes
I need some help lol xD

I like this mod because its perfect for my forum but I can't seem to remember if I was supposed to edit some of my themes....I changed my theme recently and can't see the friend codes in my profile, Could somebody tell my what I forgot to do?


P.S. great mod Wink

I posted on the site you linked to in the original post lol xD
hello lex i saw from the group images in your postbit of your beta site. is vertical one.

what is the variable code for that?
proud of being pinoy Smile
Just spent 24 hours adding every online wii and ds game... that was very tiring but worth it.

May consider this...

have a vertical list of all the games with the images (not the postbit) and when you click a game you get the list of members and codes. That would make the plugin a ton better
Installed Big Grin Thanks a ton for this ^^
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