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[r4] Who's Viewing This Thread
Now if anyone wants to jaz it up a little try this.

ACP --->Templates------->Showthread templates and then look for the following and add what i have BELOW {simularthreads}. See below for a example of how it looks.
PHP Code:
table class="tborder" border="0" cellpadding="4" cellspacing="1">        <thead>        <tr>            <td class="tcat">            <strong>Online Users</strong>            </td>        </tr>    </thead>    <tr>        <td class="trow1">            <span class="smalltext">{$usersviewing}</span>        </td>    </tr>    </table>        
br /> 
Once you add that look towards the top up where {header} and {pollbox} is and remove {$usersviewing} and then save it.

Less than 1 minute ago" />   

Oh you can as well place that code anywhere you like. I personally prefer it on the bottom of the thread.

Enjoy!!! Smile
thx for all ure nice updated plugins :-)
[Image: classic-76561197972846836.png]
nice one lex .. keep them coming
Thank you!
Thanks for this LeX. I've been looking for a port of it from 1.2 for quite some time now, didn't realize it was already made here.
Lex, big thanks from Germany! I like all your plugins, they rock! This one works very well!

@ Harry
Thanks for posting your code - looks awesome and I will definately try it out!!

Tried the code and it works like a charm, although I had to paste the code in notepad , remove any spaces and then paste it into the php
<table class="tborder" border="0" cellpadding="4" cellspacing="1"><thead><tr><td class="tcat"><strong>Online Users</strong></td></tr></thead><tr><td class="trow1"><span class="smalltext">{$usersviewing}</span></td></tr></table
this looks like an awesome add-on. I'm new to using mybb, so I'll going to try this out! Thanks for making this for us Smile
this looks like an awesome add-on. I'm new to using mybb, so I'll going to try this out! Thanks for making this for us Smile
Thanks for this. Smile
Thanks for this plugin. Works great!
Oh Yeah ! Another Good Looking Pluggin !

Thanks !

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