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[r4] Who's Viewing This Thread
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* Displays Current Users That Are Viewing a Thread On The Showthread Page
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No language file nor templates.
Language can be changed in the plugin.

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Lex we got to pay to DL your mods to?
Yes why not pay for the time they use
**Translater and Beta Tester Game Section 1.2**
I´m allso using Mybb 1.4
Lex said hes mods are free...
Does anyone ever read the Terms of Service. You have to pay to download them seeing as they are attachments
Clip Wrote:Does anyone ever read the Terms of Service. You have to pay to download them seeing as they are attachments

LeX switched this forum. BUT all he asks is that people give thanks. In all honesty he shouldnt have to even ask for that. How hard is it to say Thank You? It amazes me how quickly some forget manners when they come online etc. Not saying anyone here does. So if people cant do just that simple thing.. Well then i cant say i would blame LeX if he made his plugins all paid again. Wouldnt hurt either to show a little more appreciation by posting here.
I definetly appreciate what LeX is doing and Thank him as well for his work and as well for helping me in the past. Havent downloaded anything yet but i probably will eventually. Need to get my own themes updated and finished for 1.4 first. Which i'll probably release if there is any intrest in them.
Thanks Lex another useful one for my forums.
Thanks Lex Smile
Thank you for updating this one as well.
thanks man

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