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[r4] ThankYou!
Yes, I agree with what MH-Razen and SarumanX are talking about it.

There should be a place in the postbit where the thanks statistics are shown. For example:

Thanked: 15 times in 7 posts
Thanks: 4 (the number of thanks this user has given to other users)

Would be also great if that was linked somehow with the reputation system.
Hi !

You can also tst this :

ThankYou 3.0.6
Released: 3rd September 2008
Thank you for this useful plugin.I have a forum with a lot of uploading and this plugin is come handy for stimulating the users to upload even more Big Grin
Would there be any way to correlate a user's star ranking to how many thanks he has recieved?
(Aug 20, 2008, 10:31 AM)SarumanX Wrote: Why my message was deleted? =/

How i can put how many thanks the user has recieved?

[OFF] - What email i can get in contact about how to pay the license for myps?
[Image: classic-76561197972846836.png]
Thanks alot for the mod Smile
I think it would be good that once you give thanks, the icon changes to an "Unthank" icon where you can revoke your thanks ... I've accidentally clicked that button more than once now.
Thank you for it. I wanna have it on my new forum.

Love from,
Hello to everyone I have also the same problem ..! How can I fix?

Thanks Wink

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Couldn't you just write the SQL table for us?
Nevermind, I'll do it for myself.

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