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[r4] ThankYou!
Thank thats good modification
After reading this thread again;
=> The ones who receive a mysql error; thats due another Thank You plugin that didn't remove the thx_table in his deactivate section. A tip; stick to 1 version.
=> if it doesn't show up in your posts; check your postbit && postbit_classic template for
Add it if needed.
=> And for the mental ill ones; the button aint showing in your own posts.
=> A list of the ones who thank'd your post is already included.

For the suggestions; why thank a post first and then 'unthank' it ? Think before you act.
And you may press as many on the button as you want; if throws an warning that you've thank'd already.

If you want to see how many people thank'd a post;
open ./inc/plugins/thx.php

Find (2x)

Change into
{$lang->thx_givenby} ({$counter})
Nice, Will try it.
Fantastic version plugin.
If new member registering to forum, Does this plugins automatically add THX table to that user profile?
thx table is a seperate table; it only inserts a new row when a user presses the Thx button.
(Apr 21, 2009, 04:03 PM)LeX- Wrote: thx table is a seperate table; it only inserts a new row when a user presses the Thx button.

Sorry Lex, I am using other's Thanks Plugins which have issue on my big forum (slow) more than 600,000 posts and 60,000 users Smile
I saw this when doing unistall/deactivate process (see attach).

PHP Code:
$db->delete_query("settinggroups","name='Thank you'");
b]$db->query("ALTER TABLE ".TABLE_PREFIX."posts DROP thx");[/b]
$db->query("ALTER TABLE ".TABLE_PREFIX."users DROP thx , DROP thxcount");    

But, I like what Lex's did comparing above.
see the different for Lex's Thanks below Smile

PHP Code:
function thx_uninstall()
$db->query("DELETE FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."settings WHERE name='thx_max'");
$db->query("DELETE FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."settinggroups WHERE name='Thank you'");

personally, I like this.
But, seem fail to install (cannot press Java Thanks Button).
I will search my template.
Maybe, next version not using Java Smile
New Options:
  • Show Button in FirstPost or All Posts
  • ForumIDs Where ThankYou! Button Shows Up
  • Reputation Points When Pressing ThankYou! Button (Can Be Disabled)
  • Retract Your ThankYou! From A Post (Press ! Next To Your Name in The ThankYou List)

Uninstall - Reupload all files - Install
Nice upgrade..

I am still looking for my template or file, that javascript thanks button cannot work Sad
Look in the pluginfile for the necessary template changes;
probably adding {$post['thanks']} and {$post['thxdsp']} in postbit && postbit_classic

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