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[r4] ThankYou!
Yes, already inside that template.
And the button shows up, but when clicked (java scripts hover normal - javascripts:wyXc()...), does not work. I thought there is browser issue? I test IE, Opera and FireFox cannot.
And you're using this version ?
cause the function is called javascript:thxFunction();
Can i make this work with the prostats addon?
Gonna download it and see what you need to alter to make it work Wink

Open ./inc/plugins/prostats.php

Find && Replace the whole ps_GetMostThanks($NumOfRows) function with this
PHP Code:
function ps_GetMostThanks($NumOfRows)
$query $db->query("SELECT u.uid, u.username, u.usergroup, u.displaygroup, COUNT(t.adduid) as thxcount FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."thx t LEFT JOIN ".TABLE_PREFIX."users u ON (t.adduid=u.uid) GROUP BY t.adduid ORDER BY thxcount DESC LIMIT 0,{$NumOfRows}");
$most_thanks $db->fetch_array($query))
$uid $most_thanks['uid'];
$username ps_FormatName(htmlspecialchars_uni($most_thanks['username']), $most_thanks['usergroup'], $most_thanks['displaygroup']);
$thxnum $most_thanks['thxcount'];
$profilelink get_profile_link($uid);        
"\$mostthanks_row .= \"".$templates->get("prostats_mostthanks_row")."\";");
"\$column_mostthanks = \"".$templates->get("prostats_mostthanks")."\";");


i have a question Lex not sure if you can make it work this way to,

can you also have it display the users nick of each person after the thread that people said thanks on so it will display all the people that thanked the authour for the specific thread under that specific thread between that thread * just curious * ?
on what page do you want to display it ?
showthread ?
A new box on top or bottom of the thread with all the usernames ?
between threads after the thread who got thanked !

if there is 2 threads with only 1 person saying thank you then it would show the people who thanked that thread and so forth only after the thread that got thanked.

It shows them inline ?
Maybe gonna add an option where to show them; inline or after firstpost .
Thanks @LeX- for the prostats change. I would like to switch to your plugin as the new changes you made lately are exactly what I want/need.
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(May 03, 2009, 07:05 AM)LeX- Wrote: It shows them inline ?
Maybe gonna add an option where to show them; inline or after firstpost .

ok that would be nice but not for only first post if you understand what im trying to say ...


topic starter of thread

"Apple is a fruit"


joe blow = really explain


technoman = yes apples are good for the body and explain to him why there good and blah blah ....

thanks me * with an icon *

so right after i had explined apples are good for the body

after my last reply underneith my thread since he thanks me of course in sequence

People who gave thanks for this thread
1.joe blow. ( if only 1 person in order of course)

if more people thanked for that thread specifically
this is what it would show

( align center )People who have said thanks to this thread(align center)
1. joe blow, 2.Lex, 3.Jane etc.......

if you know what i mean Lex ?

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