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[r4] SubForums In Columns
Any similar plugin floating around out there somewhere?
This is good plugins.
Yes i have big problem

Plug in is not good
I Had the plug Sub Forums in columns 2.0
And it had created some prblems which you can find here :

but as i de-activate to get rid of it
My sub forums turn into this

[Image: f_OHNOm_d8d6502.jpg]
This is the one i can revert to original

i done it
now it looks like this
[Image: f_Againm_0ee0837.jpg]

Please help
this is ruining my forum
The top image was "with the plugin" the bottom image is "after revert"???

Can you give me a link to the forum.

top is plug in deactivated
and bottom is when reverted
I have sub forums currently on , as it doesnt look so messy
Ok I think I found the issue... there is a <tr> that needs to be closed with </tr>

It's on line 958...

<!-- end: forumbit_depth3_forum --><td width="50%"><img width="0" height="0" src="images/Pro_Blue/off.gif" alt="Forum Contains No New Posts" title="Forum Contains No New Posts" class="subforumicon ajax_mark_read" id="mark_read_55" />&nbsp;<a href="forumdisplay.php?fid=55" title="">Kaisi Lagi Lagan</a></td></tr><tr></tr></table><!-- start: forumbit_depth3_forum -->
Are you familiar with editing templates?
Im familiar with editing templates on MyBB Admin

But what template do i edit ?


Full Edit
It's hard to say honestly. I'd assume it's the forum bit templates, but it may be something else. Try looking around there first.

If you can set me up with an admin account I'll take a look around also. It'll save us both time and we'll find it quicker.

Just create a new account and give it admin permissions and set a simple password. PM it to me if you need to...
Yeah but they are all short , i searched for
No templates were found containing the string 'forumbit_depth3_forum'

but there is none
There is no template with like 958

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