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[r4] SubForums In Columns
I merged the newer thread on this into the old one as there is no need to have 2.

The plugin seems to overwrite ./inc/functions_forumlist.php so put the default one back.

Edit: Someone else who had the same problem said re-uploading that file fixes it after I suggested it, so it should work for you too.
That breaks it, actually. The original files work fine except that the offlock icon doesn't work for some reason when displayed by the subforum links.
How would a default file break it?? As long as the template are default too, it'll be fine as then everything is back to default MyBB......
If you upload the two files in the plugin, activate the plugin, and then reupload the original ./inc/functions_forumlist.php file from the MyBB site download, it breaks. Try it and see. Of course, if you deactivate the plugin then the original file works fine. Or perhaps if you use the original file before activating the plugin? Anyway, if done in the order listed above, it breaks.

The ./inc/functions_forumlist.php file included in this zip would work just fine if it weren't for the offlock images not working. I would like to figure out why that is happening and get it fixed. I need this plugin.
2 people have told me that uploading the defualt file fixes it. Obviously if you then activate it it would break, I didn't think people would leave it activated.
Misunderstood your post, then. I read it as if your solution was how to make the plugin work, not revert back to the way it was beforehand.

Anyway, looking to fix the offlock image problem. Any ideas?
Anyone? I would like to have a solution to the offlock image-not-showing problem as soon as possible.
I will try it. Thank you.
waiting for this
looks intresting, will download

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