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[1.4] MyMood for MyBB 1.4
(Nov 11, 2008, 08:09 PM)HolyPhoenix Wrote: Maybe, I will try it later. I am pretty busy. I guess that would be the easiest way to make things work.

It should work, there's no reference to the specific images in the PHP so it should be fine to remve what you don't want.
So...anyone going to explain why nothing shows up? How exactly do I change MyMood setting? I see the MyMood feature on the post but how do I change it?
Click the My Mood link in the welcome block or just go to ./mood.php
Is it possible that my skin just doesn't show it? if you need to check.

Well if the code isn't in the template then it won't, no. Just add

PHP Code:
<a href="mood.php">MyMood</a

to wherever you want it to show.
Thanks, nice plugin! Smile
i found that this plugin creates problems with the SEO plug in from mybb
by deactivating this plug in the SEO plug in works again * MattR * helped me on that 1
cause i needed general help to know why i was getting no board showing so he told me to disable all plug ins to find out which plug in was making the SEO plug in not to work and once i enabled all 25 plug ins the only 1 that was interfering with the SEO 1 was this 1 the mood plug in.

maybe if the SEO plug in was redesigned and made by you LABROC then this problem wouldn't be occurring most likely Cool
(Nov 22, 2008, 06:06 PM)-thoma- Wrote: Is it possible that my skin just doesn't show it? if you need to check.


Did you ever figure out how to get it to show up? I am having the same prob with a dark theme. I am having the same prob with the Paypal plugin.
Anyone haves the PSD of the icons?
i wisht otranslaste them into spanish for my forum
the creator of this plugin
do not answerm e
How do you select a mood. I cant find it no where... Thanks

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