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[1.4] MyMood for MyBB 1.4
(Jan 12, 2009, 01:59 PM)technoman Wrote: i found that this plugin creates problems with the SEO plug in from mybb
by deactivating this plug in the SEO plug in works again * MattR * helped me on that 1
cause i needed general help to know why i was getting no board showing so he told me to disable all plug ins to find out which plug in was making the SEO plug in not to work and once i enabled all 25 plug ins the only 1 that was interfering with the SEO 1 was this 1 the mood plug in.

maybe if the SEO plug in was redesigned and made by you LABROC then this problem wouldn't be occurring most likely Cool
I encounter this too. I use the SEO plug-in and the MyMood returns error. It stops loading my page.

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