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Am i the only one
Who thinks it is silly to be doing themes for say MYBB but yet you are using another software brand on your site that you host/release those themes on?

Truth be told it kinda irks me a bit. Especially when most of those using that site is there for say MYBB.
Audentio ? ^^
Probably more of a showoff.
Well he creates themes for multiple forum software, so I'm guessing he probably had a VB license lying around and used it to run his forum as well as to test his VB themes. As he could easily have test boards to try out MyBB as well as IPB Free and the other software he releases themes for.
Not pointing them out but it does fit the bill. IF it is me i would have a running copy of MYBB for mybb themes. Gives you ALOT of advantages as well. Same goes if your doing IPB skins. Makes no sense to do otherwise. I look for IPB skins i typically will go to a IPB theme site who uses the same product. Call it a confidence boost or whatever. I say that because i feel more comfortable using such themes vs using someone who doesnt even use the software. I am certain many others feel the same.

And no i am not saying they do terrible skins/work either. Far from it.
But then they would need heaps of forums installed and members would need to register for each one and it would get really annoying and it would take really long. Not to mention administrating such a setup, you would need to log into all your boards and when you banned someone you would need to go do it on all your boards.

It would simply be annoying and vBullitin is a fairly universal forum script which most people would recognize and know how to use so i guess he chooses to use that. It may also be that he personally prefers to theme for vBullitin or he may find it easier to integrate into his site.

I would be worried if it was a mybb specific forum not using mybb but considering he deals with so many forum types (and he obviously has the money to falk out for VB) i dont think it shows any "lack of faith" towards mybb.

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