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Mybb Central is now 1.4
Well...I know release was a bit over 2 weeks ago but so many initial bugs were released that I wanted to wait before I did the update here. However now it's done. Smile

I still have to update many plugins and do a lot more custom work but overall it went fairly smooth.

Thank you.
Thats good.

Can't wait for more plug in updates Big Grin
Very good news. Great work Labrocca! Smile
You may need to refresh F5 to see the new graphics (old graphics really).

Did we lose some posts?

I thought I saw someone else reply to the MyBB 1.4 slots thread I made...and now it's gone.
Yeah I was working from a backup from yesterday. Maybe lost 20 posts...I was more concerned with converting properly. Sorry if you lost something important.
Nice, work labrocca Smile
Good Job Labrocca Smile
Thanks but it will be better when I have all my current plugins that I want ported to 1.4. Shouldn't be too long though. I just have to figure the admincp out. The front end is mostly the same.
Looks good nice work. Smile

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