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Subscription Question
Yeah...maybe it has to do with what country you're from but as far as I can pay with a paypal balance...crabby...are you a verified member already? Maybe that's the difference?
yep im verified, just thought mines a business account so you have to verify, many of my customers pay with their paypal balance without being verified, and my forum members who suscribe to our forum, not sure if thats because im using the UK paypal?
I´m also verified. The problem might be that I´m using the german Paypal...
One question, who do i have to talk with after i pay? Cuzz i see none of the admins are here
Labrocca what are these strange characters "Â" I am having the same problem too
That's a character set anomoly.
I really really want to subscribe and contribute, but as pointed out earlier in this thread, aint got no CC and my debit card is not in the list that can be verified. I have dough on my Paypal account, can we use an email address to send the money instead? Exclusevily for us without a CC or useable debit card?

That's an alternative solution.
(Nov 06, 2008, 11:33 AM)labrocca Wrote:

That's an alternative solution.

I´d rather prefer to give you money if possible. I´m the process of upgrading my MyBB forum to the lastes 1.4.3 release and really need a couple of your amazing plugins. Is there absolutely no other way to give you the money? I´m willing to double the amount to ten bucks as long as i can get access to the plugins i need. I only need a way to transfer the money from my Paypal account.
I accept $10 via direct payment (that's my standard price). You can PM me for my paypal address.

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