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Subscription Question
I can't subscribe Tongue
I click the link from the subscribe page and it redirects me to and that's pretty much about it...
It doesn't ask me for any subscription or to pay for something like that.
Is the link broken or what?
As I saw, you use some post data to send those infos to paypal but it seems it's not working for me. Can't you just tell me how to do it manually?
I am getting this from a few people but nothing on my end has changed as far as I know.

What country are you in? This is pissing me off since my subscriptions on both my sites have dropped the past few days and I don't know why. There are at least 5 people saying the link doesn't go anywhere but the paypal home page...grrr...

What browser are you using too?
I'm from Romania and I'm using the latest version of Opera.
It worked using Firefox though just a few seconds ago.
Yeah the problem is fixed and the IPN subscription module is updated to reflect the changes.
akshully i have the same problem as DonNemesis.
Well I think that's the same problem...

On my PayPal there are 5Euro (5.00 EUR = 6.35468 USD)
So I tried the "Upgrade" function, paypal tell me to register a CC (Ô,o)

I looked in my "Subsction Settings" in paypal and made the option that my "normal" bank account shall be used for subscriptions... but paypal still wants a CC (TT___TT)

Can i transfer you the 5$ in a other way? ^.^
Direct payments are $10.

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