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The Dragon Circle

After having retired from running my active and growing dragon forum I decided to create a free for all place for dragon enthusiasts. It's basically a forum that allows for complete freedom of expression (short of trolling, flaming, spamming, etc...).

I'm currently using the MyBBForest theme by lorddonk with my own custom images (some of the icons are from an old MyBB 1.2 theme Slate-Tech, but edited a bit by me). The logo was also thrown together by me but I am not really critical about the artistic work (I'm going to redo it all later when I have time anyways).

Current plugins:
Akismet (1.2)
MYPS (1.3)
Search Captcha Protection (1.0)
SEO Links! (1.1 Beta 1)
SpiceFuse Shoutbox (1.1 Beta 1)

Additional scripts:
SocketMail Lite (I figured I had the license laying around so why not offer the members e-mail. Big Grin)

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