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Advanced Stats on Index
I had this on 1.2 showing most viewed threads, top posters, etc at the foot of the page.
Havent seen hide nor hair of anything similar for 1.4

Any chance someone could put something together please?

I had a go at figuring it out earlier, but my knowledge of php is nowhere near good enough and my head is now swimming. :S
Found the previous (1.2) version of the plug-in

Would be good if someone could update.
If there are copyright issues or complaints that it is available on a pay-per-DL site, dont worry.
Dont want to cause problems.
Quote:Subscriber suggestions are taken very seriously.

there is a plugin called overveiw which does bassicly the same and its 1.4 compatible
Ah that looks good. Thanks.
Is anyone working on the ASOI update for 1.4?

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