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MyIPN Paypal Subscriptions v2
(Sep 10, 2008, 04:45 PM)Gabe Wrote: I'm modding myps so that users in a certain group get 1.5 more points earned in myps.
Maybe this would be a good feature for it in the future?

Yes that's something I will be adding.

Myps 2.0 will have a lot of additions to base
Great plugin. Installed it and it all worked perfect.
1 question though if i may. I added a donate option to mine. But cant work out how to get it to place correctly in the form.
Also to remove one of the subscriber links and placing the donate one there.
I tired lol... As screenshot below. And failed.
Well its there just not quite where i planned..

[Image: 12211257996499_Capture.jpg]

If the image is too big i am sorry. Was not sure on limits.. And i should i know.. Sorry.
Will delete and resize if needed ok. I tired to make it just big enough to read.
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#13 need to edit subscribe.php.

Before this line:

error($message, $lang->title);

Add something like this:

$message .= "Your HTML Code";

That should do it but make sure to escape ( \ ) any double quotes like this <a href=\"\"> otherwise you will get errors.
Is (or, would) it be possible to have multiple subscription options? Maybe have it cost a certain amount for different lengths or something (like one cost for monthly, one for quarterly, one for yearly) in case someone wants to subscribe for a certain length only?
That is all planned for v3 of this plugin. I have no release date at this time but I expect ETA within 3-5 months. I have a lot of projects to complete first.
Can I have more then one usergroup to buy into that would help immensely.
(Sep 12, 2008, 03:19 PM)labrocca Wrote: That is all planned for v3 of this plugin. I have no release date at this time but I expect ETA within 3-5 months. I have a lot of projects to complete first.
woohoo! definitely worth the wait. Wink thanks!
Pardon my confusion but how much does this differ to Lex's mypaypal? I'm trying to decide which one is best for me. I think the mypaypal is a straightforward donation link for paypal while this one does alot more automated stuff right?

Like automatically change usergroups? This may not be the place to ask but what exactly is the Instant Payment stuff compared to regular transfers that go on?

And lastly, where exactly is the subscription link for this place? I can't see it anywhere, adblock might be hiding it from me though.
One-time payments are very different from Subscriptions. Also the Lex MyPaypal is not IPN based.

You can't buy into a usergroup with MyPaypal or any other function based on real time payments.

With my plugin you will be able to take one-time payments and then place the user into a new group or provide them some other amenities.

The MyPaypal is really just a paypal donation button and imho it's easier to just enter the button code from paypal into a template. That works just fine for that.

And the sites Subscription link is labelled "UPGRADE" in header.
Ok your thing sounds like pretty much what I'm looking for. Any updates on your itrader? I think that's what it was called at least, something similar to the vbadvanced/trader rating setup.

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