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MyIPN Paypal Subscriptions v2
I am using MyBB 1.4.2 so i don't need to copy "module_meta.php" ?
and where to edit subscribe.php I mean i want to enter my own Benefits and conditions?
You edit that in the language files. ACP > Configuration > Languages > *Choose language* > Options > Edit Language Variables > myipn.lang.php > and then find the benefits section.
Quote:I am using MyBB 1.4.2 so i don't need to copy "module_meta.php" ?

No you don't and shouldn't do that.
I did :S Why is it there then??

EDIT: Ahh I did it because I was on 1.4.1, forgot there was a reason.
@ labrocca
thanx! its works gr8 Smile

@ Matt _
thanx for you help too Smile
For what "Notification URL" is used there?

I can't leave it blank as i get an error on my paypal account
Quote:You must enter a properly formatted URL into the Notification URL field in order to activate Instant Payment Notification.
Doesn't matter what you enter for a notification url. The script sends a url to use.
oki thanx Smile
(Sep 29, 2008, 12:00 PM)InFlames20 Wrote: This seems like a great plugin but... The problem is, in my county we cannot accept payments on Paypal. But we can accept payments on Alertpay and Money bookers. Is it possible for you to create this plugin but for AP or MB?

(Sep 29, 2008, 01:16 PM)labrocca Wrote: This has been discussed before. The short answer is no.

EDIT: Well it seems like Alertpay does offer IPN and Subscriptions. So yes... Alertpay is not only a possible option but I will add it to next version. At least I will try. As long as nothing complicates the process it should be easy enough. Looking at their dev it's similar to paypal ipn for the most part.

Jeje, In can't accept paypal payments in my country neither =S

I guess Moneybookers support in this plugin will make happy A LOT of "not supported paypal users" :S not only talking about latinamerican countries, but also is a great option for most European users too. Paypal works as they expands their country list (they haven't reached my country -_-), however, MB works directly with banks from all the world.

I don't really understand about the IPN (maybe it's called with a different name in MB), but found some information that may help you trying adding support for MB:

General merchant services info
Integration manual
Automated Payments Interface (API)

This will really add value to the plugin in my opinion Shy
Moneybookers doesn't have subcriptions though. Unless you can bill recurring then it's not going to fit well with this plugin. However I will work on something for direct payments that do not involve subscriptions. That's going to be a seperate plugin and I hope to involve more payment methods.

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