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My Ad Manager
UPDATE: Version 1.1.3 is released. There seems to be an issue with mybb 1.4.2 and it not recognizing the plugin already installed. This is the fix. To update simply overwrite the plugin file /inc/plugins/my_ad_manager.php to update.
1.1.3 not working for me. So I had to install it using 1.1.1 in one of your previous attachments.
All ads showing up except inline ads. No exempts included.
Seems to be running fine for me. 1.1.1 had problems...uninstall it completely. Then install 1.1.3.

You may need to manually delete the setting groups to uninstall 1.1.1 and alter templates.

If you have problems then PM me your admincp login.
UPDATE: Version 1.1.4 is released. A bug existed where default templates were not edited only custom ones.

If you are running previous version please make sure any default templates (postbit and postbit_classic) have the following line at the end.


Thank you and once again...sorry for this inconvenience. A subscriber pointed out this bug and I thank him for it.

Any other bugs please make sure you report them to me.
Your welcome Smile
Thanks labrocca, 1.1.4 fixed my problems.
fantastic works great! thanks!
thx you great plugin Big Grin
how do I download?
How can I do gap between the banner ad and the main forum in the header?

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