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My Ad Manager
How to download it. It don't give me permission to download it?
Need to subscribe crazyboy168 then all downloads become available.
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I have a weird thing that happens to my sigs. Its call moderation lol
Can you have different banners and ads rotating with this plugin or is it just to show the same ads?
I am still having a problem with the text link ads through Chitka or Kontera not showing on the page.

I placed the text link code in the headerinclude box, made sure it was activated, but none of those ads are showing.

All the other ads show except for those.Sad
The chitika ad needs to be in BODY area not headerinclude. Personally Chitika sucks.

The Kontera ads are fine and they sometimes take a bit to display. I see you have a lot of groups exempt from seeing it but in IE as a guest account it's in the head.

Kontera also deosn't work in Firefox just so you know.

Other than that it looks like it's working. You just have to place the Chitika ads elsewhere if you want it to display.
How would I exactly add the Chitka ads to the body area? Can this be accomplished using this plugin?
Yes if you want it in header of footer..or inline. Those are display zones while the headerinclude is for scripts that require head tags (like Kontera).
I seem to have run into another small snag/issue:

It seems the group exemptions aren't working for the inline ads for some reason, I have excluded administrators from seeing the ads in addition to registered members yet I can still see the inline ads.

The inline ads are the only ones that show, all the other ads are hidden. This small bug/issue started occurring when I placed the Chitika code under the Adsense code in the inline ads box.
#29 are right..inline exemption code has a problem.

Try this file. You only need to upload it and overwrite existing file. DO NOT DEACTIVATE OR UNINSTALL TO UPDATE.

Just upload /inc/plugins/my_ad_manager.php

Thanks, I just tried the new file you attached and am still having the same problem.

I know I set the proper groups to exclude from seeing inline ads by referencing the Usergroups table in PHPMyAdmin, inline ads are the only ones that show no matter the group exclusion that is set.

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