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[Coming Soon]MyBBPress
(Sep 17, 2008, 12:44 PM)labrocca Wrote: fyi - I owned but let it drop. Still imho a good domain and name for the project. I just don't have time myself to move forward with it with so many other projects for mybb planned.

Quote:Because I still know close to nothing of PHP, and its more than a simple plugin, this will probably take 10-20 minutes to install.

Umm..isn't that going to be a problem creating this then? I been doing this for years and still I think I suck.

Well good luck anyways. I hope you do create this and it's functional. I would love to help but like I said...prior commitments prevent it.

I have been able at doing this like this using only HTML Templates for softwares like IPB 1.3.1, with MyBB, not only can I do it with HTML, I will have the help of some PHP plugins I can manipulate. (I know enough PHP to edit them just a bit)

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