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Google Analytics 2.0
:o They've changed it, thought it looked a bit weird Tongue

(hmm, another post starting a new page, and it stalled...)
Handy tool, no problems with multiple templates. =]
Exactly. Some say this isn't a needed tool but's all about convenience.
So just curious... any reason for using urchin.js instead of the newer ga.js ?
Yeah I gotta alter this for the new settings.
Cool! thanks.
(Nov 30, 2008, 03:50 AM)labrocca Wrote: Yeah I gotta alter this for the new settings.

That will be nice Jesse. Thanks
thank you for the plug in (i've looked everywhere)
Bro whenever you get time, please do update this plugin to use the new settings.

Can you update this please Smile

I would really love this to work on my forum!


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