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Contact Form 3.1
Don't i feal like a moron sorry for not reading labrocca i do remember some say that most people do not read the posts first and that i would find my answer if i read on and my answer was on the first post go figure i have not learned any thing loololooolo

any how thank you labrocca
Using the plugin only brings a Contact Us link at the bottom of my forum. How can I add a contact us w/ image in the header using this plugin (like in this very forum).
You add that manually in the template "header".
thanks labrocca, can you tell me what exactly text do i have to add to that specific template?
It's HTML.

                <li><a href="contact.php"><img src="images/toplinks/contact.png" alt="contact us" title="contact" />Contact</a></li>

Something like that.
Hi dude, can you make that it post it a forum instead a contact page in admin panel? Big Grin
(Sep 26, 2009, 04:09 PM)Arkold Thos Wrote: Hi dude, can you make that it post it a forum instead a contact page in admin panel? Big Grin

That's exactly what i need ! Tongue

Can we modify this to create a forum post in a specified forum id...instead of an email ?
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Anyone got an idea?
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You COULD. It would take some editing of the code, and I don't really think the majority of users would want it to do that. Take a look at the reported posts in own thread (or whatever it's called) plugin and see what code is creating the posts and what code is used to select the UID of the "person" creating the posts, and which FID to use.
Cool...thanks grizzly !
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