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Contact Form 3.1
Here url look it does not work it does on mane page but if you go to bug tracker link then back to contact us it does not work
Bug tracker? This thread is about contact form. I have not released a bug tracker and I don't offer support for other authors plugins.
I ask Tomm M at mybb he said i would have to talk to you labrocca
post 168
My tracker is his plugin
The contact form just changes the mailto link in footer to contact.php instead of an email address. Mytracker should not be an issue.

It seems to me that you just don't have mytracker installed properly. My plugin is installed.

You really just don't have mytracker installed properly.
Dam i did not know i thought it installed fine well it said it did when it finshed sorry for this i did not know
Just stared a test site and it still does not work stll get 500 error i only installed contact form and my tracker still no go
Thank Ypu for the Fix labrocca
Is there a way to move the contact form down, check screenshot. Thanks

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Edit the code on the Global Templates.
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Ah yes, I forgot about that. Thanks Rafael
This is a great plugin as well, thanks labrocca Smile
Arrr, I found a spelling mistake.
On the contact page itself, the mistake is this (highlighted in red) The code is not case-sensative.
'sensitive' is correct spelling
Awesome plugin, Thank you labrocca.
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