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WMP 11 v1 [Muse]
Based off the the basic Windows Media Player. This theme is enhanced visually, but not as interactive as I'd like it to be. I will be working on actually getting music to play with it as well as editing up the top bar so it does more than make your browser go back or forward a page (you'll see what I mean if you install it). I used Muse (the band) for the forum markers as well as at the bottom for the whats playing. In the next version, I will make it easier for you to edit this.

Less than 1 minute ago" />    Less than 1 minute ago" />   

To preview this theme, join and use the theme changer at

Installation instructions:
1. Download and extract the theme zip file
2. Upload the included image folder to your .MYBBROOT/images directory
3. Import the theme's xml file into your Admin CP > Themes > Import
4. View it in your User CP > Edit Options > Board Style > WMP.

Please do not redistribute this with out my permission. Please keep the copyright as it is unless you are willing to pay to remove it.

Thanks, hope you enjoy this theme.

Looking good, Audentio. Smile
Thanks for sharing!
that look very nice good job Smile
Glad you like it Smile.
wery good...
I'm Not download
ima use it
very goodTongue
This theme is totally awesome.

I can't help but praise it. Smile
i like this theme very much

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