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Easy Refer 2.0
Can I send multiple emails separated by commas?
Hi thanks for the plugin. I know there's an invite only mod but it doesn't seem to work with 1.4.4 and when it worked before it seemed kind of buggy. If somehow in the future you could add this capability in this plugin I'd donate $10. I know it's not alot but maybe others looking for this could chip in.
Ok i have a small little problem and of course once i show the picture
you will understand and maybe you will be able to help me fix it

the refer icon isnt there, it was there I know at 1 point but now it isnt so heres the picture

You should be able to just add an image in to the template.
Unfortunately mybb chose to display those images with css which makes it more difficult to keep them uniform. You can add your own though. By default there isn't an image. I should probably work on that ehh.
Oh yeah, it is CSS isn't it. I did this a while ago, should be of use:
ok guys show me where to place the refer button and tell me how to go threw the template in order it places

thank you
Everything you'll need should be in that thread I linked to.
Can't wait for the MyPS integration. Currently however, I am using a different module for the shop and perhaps you should make a conversion mod that can convert data.
Well just a suggestion to make it more user-friendly is to check to see if the email your sending the refer to is in the database already, just so its not sending to people who are already members.

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