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Easy Refer 2.0
Ugh...too dangerous as it can be used for spam. You wouldn't want your site blocked would you? Or even worse..your host to close you down.
True, which is why I wouldn't want that.
Tnx man! like this one!
Hmmmz, nou everybody can register...I don't want that!
I want that you can only register with an invite...

where can I change that?
This plugin isn't for invite only codes. It's just for invitations. I believe there is one floating around somewhere does that that.
Hmmmz to bad!Because this one is much nicer!
I accidently erased the "Referrals" link in the member profile template. What is the code to replace it?
I think it's {$refer} ??

You can always look in the plugin files for the activation function. You will see lines for template changes.
Where is the toplist page at?

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