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Profile Ban 2.0
(Apr 24, 2009, 03:34 AM)labrocca Wrote: You see that mybb_mybb_banned part..that means the sql table prefix is doubled up.

Did you change something? Really I can't see how you got that error running this. Did you grab the 1.4x version from this thread because I suspect you have the mybb 1.2x version installed. That's the only way you got that error.

Uhm no ive installed 1.4x at my first forum never installed 1.2x yeah i think its doubled up.
So how can you think i can fix it?
If you want PM me FTP but I am pretty sure you have the wrong version installed.

What sql are you running?
Ayt Sent ya a pm Wink
Is it possible to make this Quick Ban ban for 24 hours? Big Grin
Yes. In the plugin file find


change to


I should also update this plugin a bit. There are a couple small problems I see.
Thanks, i will be using this one!
wow exclenet plugin, fail download banned my acount
This is cool.. thanks for this
Thanks for the help =)
Just wondering how could i allow normal members to have access to the bans.php page?

Thank you in advance Smile

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