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My Proxy Killer
A bit pooey again today, have to enable and disable for users to register.

Seems its from india, where this guy has a corperate firewall could that be the problem?

Sad missing out on members here.
Quote:Yea, the problem with this is that some people use proxies for their internet automatically, that's how their ISPs work.

Nothing is 100% and false positives always happen. This won't block proxy ISPs like AOL. It might block some people that are at a work environment where they run http services. This plugin does a port 80 check for a reply and if it's open it's a pretty good chance that the user is on a proxy.

Quote:missing out on members here.

First you complain endlessly about a few spam posts now you complain about losing members. How about instead of complaining you run you site.
thank you much
Nice job I even tried some good proxy's and it didn't let me in Big Grin well done
Thank you.. this will help me a good deal.! No wonder I love to come here Smile
Works on some proxys, but not on others, but either way still a great plugin!

Every bit of added security helps!
[Image: mybbsig.php]
the only thing though some dynamic ip's are blocked by this :/ is that considered a proxy too?
It work like a charm....Thanks Labrocca
[Image: mybbsig.php]
This works brilliantly, is there anyway to deny posting when using a proxy?
There is but I don't recommend you do that. It's going to add unneccessary load.

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