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Online24 v2.2
For some reason this plugin stops the index page from loading for my guests, I did various template and plugin tests to find out the cause and this is why it wasnt loading, is there anyway to fix this slight problem?
at my fomun this Online24 v2.2 has problem can see it pls
(Nov 11, 2009, 05:25 PM)MattR Wrote: There are so many threads on this issue :-/

You need to add colspan="2" to the two <td> tags in the template for that plugin, you'll probably have to paste it here though, it's at ACP > Templates & Style > Templates > Global Templates Set.

I am extremely sorry, but where do i add that code? can you please explain it. thanks
It should be index_boardstats template.
Home » Template Sets » Global Templates » Edit Template: online24_index

PHP Code:
td class="tcat" colspan="2"><strong>{$lang->whos_online_today}</strong> [<a href="online.php?action=today">{$lang->complete_list}</a>]</td>
td class="trow1" colspan="2"><span class="smalltext">{$lang->members_today}{$membercount},  {$lang->guests_today}{$guestcount},  {$lang->bots_today}{$botcount},  {$lang->anon_today}{$anoncount}<br />{$onlinemembers}</span></td>    

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It's already there... hmm, what's your URL??
it worked now. thanks a lot.
You are welcome Smile glad I could help you
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I am having a problem with this plugin. It repeats a name if the user logs in multiple times from a different ip address. I guess that's the bug
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Read the thread.

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