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Online24 v2.2
Yes I have the same problem.... It also happens when u login using different browsers. Maybe it has to do something with cookies?
Maybe... I doubt it's an error in the code per se, I reckon that the way the information for this plugin is pulled means that they double up when you view with different browsers/IPs.
Since this is based on sessions it depends on if you logged in/out repeatedly. I plan to look deeper into the code to see if I can make it more accurate but I don't want to draw from the user table as any site with a lot of members is going to see a big increase in load. gets 550-650 on per day and well...drawing that every page sucks. I have 8000 members and each front page load would check both the sessions table and the user table for each one trying to find who was last on. Trying to save .1 seconds I guess.
This may be a dumb question but is it not possible to take the data from the 'Who Was Online Today' list and simply place the username on the index instead??
You can and you can't. Like I would require a larger query that I am not willing to do. You can use the lex version if you want stats to match your whos online page. My version is meant for saving resources.
Some members don't show :S They were online with in 24 hours... one person only seems to show when they're online, and now some have disappeared even when they were online today.

No users are invisible or anything either.
thanks very nice yaar
Update to fix the invisible members and also greater accuracy.

To upgrade just overwrite the online24.php plugin file. The 2.1 version fixes a bug with invisible members and also adds more accuracy to the list as well as some code optimizations.
Cool and thx for the upgrade.

God bless you.
Oh BTW after upgrading it duplicated everything.

Grr...hadn't noticed that last night..back to the drawing board. I refuse to use a query that looks over complete user table.

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