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Online24 v2.2
thank you very much
Brilliant, I tried to use another one created by another author which didn't work - this worked like a charm. Smile
I have this running at where I normally have over 600 members in the past 24 hours. The margin of error is normally less than 2%.
Wow, then you have a long list Big Grin
On my actual board it contains only the 3 developper names Tongue

And also for this plugin: German language files and readme (liesmich).


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.zip (Size: 2.1 KB / Downloads: 3)
German Translator. Probleme mit MybbCentral Plugins? Kontaktiert mich.
[Image: mybbaddonssignatur.gif]
Anyway to display alphabetically?
Hi, thanks for a nice plugin!

..I'm having a weird problem here.. I scanned this topic, and see many people have problems with duplicate names, I have problem with duplicate tables Sad

And also translation doesn't work for some reason (it says 'The language file has been updated successfully.' but the changes are not saved, and it's English again when you reopen file. Mybb language files are acting normally, checked.)

I must be doing something wrong...

Help please? Smile

Mybb version: 1.4.3

Other active plugins:
Board Messages (2.0.0) (can't make this to work too)
Google Analytics (2.0)
My Awards (1.0)
YouTube BBCode (2.0)

(tried deactivating them one by one, then all of them at once, doesn't help..)

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You've just got the variable in your template twice. Go to ACP > Templates & Styles > Templates > **expand template set** > Index Page Templates > index_boardstats. Find the double variable and remove one.
Thanks Matt! You saved my life.. again Smile
(now I wonder how this duplicate variable got there..)

Any ideas about the translation weirdness? Sure, I can translate the file first, and then upload it, but my 'special characters' are lost that way... I must be doing something wrong again I suppose..
After you save the lang file in admincp can you double check via FTP if it indeed did save?

Mybb has an issue with the permissions for language. Inside admincp it says you need to chmod the language folder 777 but it doesn't tell you that the lang files also need to be 666.
Hmmm.... All language files are 644 (folder 755), but all other files are saving changes just fine (did some partial translation last weekend and had no problems at all).

Changing to 777 and 666 doesn't help, as well as changing to 777 and 777 Sad

You know, it's not a tragedy to just leave it like it is, but it's bugging me lots..

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