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Youtube Mycode
Agreed. Big Grin
[Image: mybbsig.php]
Very nice plugin Big Grin
I have put this in and don't get it to work. I show nothing when trying to get it to show up. Any ideas?


Like that.
So do I have to put a code in somewhere? is that what it is?
No you just put the URL to the video into the tag and it should display it.
Youtube now redirect you to your country's Youtube. As im from the UK I had to edit the plugin. This will probably be the same with all other Country codes.
Works perfectly, thanks. I used the old [evid] [/evid] on 1.2 and missed not having anything on 1.4.[Image: clap.gif]
Useful method... i've already activate youtube plugin.
great thanks. good job too

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