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Minimum Posts Suite
This is Perfect Big Thx
I just added a global option for minimal posts to poll vote.


Quote:Have you had a chance to add a minimum post count to vote in a particular poll(s)?

It's much more complex to do this on a per poll basis. It can be done but really this plugin isn't suited to do that. It would require a more intense plugin and I would only do it for paid custom work. More hooks, templates, and database changes are needed to modify for per poll configuration.
Any Update on my request Labrocca!
#44's been updated to include polls. It's a global though. I won't do it on a per poll basis. That would require a lot more work. The poll creation method has to be hooked into, the template changed, and an alteration in the database. Plus of course the actual hook to error or restrict it.

And btw...did you NOT read the post I made above yours?
I did not request for the Polls! I requested for links especially in coded format!
Ugh...sorry I get lots of requests. I won't add a links to this. That's a more complex change and it's better suited on it's own plugin. I think one is floating around by Lex recently released.
Than please can u code it for me .. I requested a lot before other plugins Sad
Can u code it please as i have requested a lot earlier.. I need it please?
No I can't. Please don't keep asking as my answer will not change.
I'm open for requests but no big projects since i don't have the time for it Wink
another awesome one Smile but i will think for this one Big Grin
proud of being pinoy Smile

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