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HTML Permissions (by usergroup or uid)
S'about time I got round to downloading this Tongue
And another german translation of the readme of a plugin by Jesse Labrocca Smile

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.txt   liesmich.txt (Size: 1,021 bytes / Downloads: 1)
German Translator. Probleme mit MybbCentral Plugins? Kontaktiert mich.
[Image: mybbaddonssignatur.gif]
Thank you.

Edit : I' am not download
how do i download the plugin?
it says you dont have the permission to download it ...
Did you read the PM you got when you registered??

oh sorry now i did
but when i click on the paypal button it takes me to the login part and when i login it doesnt have a link to who to pay or anything like that
I think there was a script problem that should now be solved. Can you please try it now?
thanks everything worked out well n thiis mod is nice Smile
nice plugin.

i especially need javascript working sometimes. i tried with this mod, but it didnt seems to work Sad
should it?

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