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HTML Permissions (by usergroup or uid)
<script> tags won't work...and that's intended as a security precaution.

You can remove these lines from the plugin file:

        while(preg_match("#<script(.*)>(.*)</script(.*)>#is", $message))
        $message = preg_replace("#<script(.*)>(.*)</script(.*)>#is", "&lt;script$1&gt;$2&lt;/script$3&gt;", $message);

Then script tags will work.
thanks to much!
I had been wanting something like this. Appreciate it.
thanks very very very much Wink
cool.. anyhow, can this plugin like, make members of group post HTML even in a forum in whose permissions, post html is not ticked ??
Yes it will.
(Sep 26, 2008, 11:08 AM)labrocca Wrote:
(Sep 25, 2008, 08:04 PM)foxxx428 Wrote: Just so you know, you put the meta tag instructions in this one - sort of...

Quote:1. Upload the file from the zip


Bah...cutting and pasting too much. Thanks for pointing that out.

That happens to me a lot too Tongue
Great plugin, I bet everyone can find a place where this can be useful (at least I do).
Thank you sir
[Image: mystatssig.php]
this is an a great plug ins Big Grin
proud of being pinoy Smile
very good plugin ... but i have a small problem:

I need to use the tinyMCE. I have this plugin aktivated and i can post html.
But the tinyMCE isn't there if I dont aktivate html for "all".

Is there a way to get the tinymce for this users, that have the permissions to post html?

thx and sorry for my great english ;-)
So does this plugin allow you to control HTML permission by user group now? I have a lot of members that use HTML links in there signatures to promote their business. I would like to make that a paid subscription and turn off HTML for "Registered" users. Will this plugin do that? Thanks.

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