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TagCloud 2.0
(Sep 25, 2008, 06:54 PM)labrocca Wrote: This doesn't allow tags to be created with threads. It's a very very simple tagcloud based off the last X posts and it utilizes their titles. This is a very small plugin really.

I might make a true threads tags plugin later.

ok this would be great , * man id love to see this for xmas *

when posting a new thread that we can actually put in tags for that thread AND all the tags would be ON THE INDEX abouve the forum so isers can see wahts most popular when coming back to visit .... rather then on a seperate page by a link

Eklentiyi indiremiyorum ÃœyeliÄŸimi aktifleÅŸtirdim ama nafile.. Sad
I'm guessing that means you can't download.
thanks soo much its diffucult but i cant download some plugin

It was explained in the PM you got when you signed up.
I registered in forum, but I can't view thumbnails or download attachments
can anybody explain what can I do?

Did you not see the PM you got when you registered??
thanks my friends (turkish teşekkürler...)
i really need this plugin !!!!!
but i can't find my country in paypal !!!!
plz help

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