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TagCloud 2.0
ohhh :'( i can't wait a week !!!
A week isn't that long... :/
Thank you.
I have installed this on a forum with a few threads, is it normal to see "An unknown error has occurred." ?
There is a limit set and if you don't have enough threads it won't work properly. Disable it until you have 50 threads.
Alright thanks, maybe i missed it in the readme
Does this single file work for both 1.2 branch and 1.4 branch? Thanks!
how can remove header and footer from this php.
i like use this in index or any thread
hey Lab, have you thought of upgrading this so it displays on front page
this with an added option to add it to the Index ( front page ) abouve all forums
maybe for the futur ?

thank you
Tag clouds aren't even that popular anymore. Adding this to a front page isn't something I have planned but you never know.

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