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Tagpad 2.1
From my own extensive forum usage. I need just about every plugin I create. I am my own source of inspiration.
(Feb 07, 2009, 08:42 PM)Elegant Totality Wrote: Is there any way that I could change the image from the tagpad to an image of a spiral notebook instead?
Ever really understood the Gospel?
The Gospel
Sure ...just overwrite the current image. Best to have it the same size though if possible.
A really cool feature would be to charge users to write on it, so some sort of MYPS integration at a later date might be a nice addition.
I chmodded all the correct values, but all tags still show up blank.
Can you please tell me what each chmod is for the files inside tagpad folder?
tagpad.jpg - 777
tagpad_top.jpg - 755
tag.count - 777
fonts - 777
clean.jpg - 755
archive - 777
clean.jpg - 755

Make that 777.

And if that doesn't work make all the 777's 666's instead

And check to see what your error logs say from your host.
I tried both of the above methods, didn't work...
My error logs are blank.
I keep getting this error when I tag something.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function imagettftext() in /home/***MYCPANELUSERNAME***/public_html/forum/tagpad.php on line 72

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