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Very nice, I especially like the way there are no template edits.
Yeah...that was the hardest part of doing this plugin. I really wanted to make it simple for users. I personally will use this on more of my sites now. The other versions of sideboxes never satisfied me. The one I run at is heavily modified but I still don't like it. This one is a total rewrite from scratch with a different approach altogether.
Not that I understand PHP that well but how did you do it??
Trial and error...trial and error.

Basically instead of using the template system and hard-coding the sidebar, I have it dynamic with some if statements and the settings. Totally wasn't easy.
is there a way we can edit the width of it and if so how Smile
Oh yeah..I was gonna make that dynamic and I forgot. Sad

Search for this and edit each entry to be the same.

That should do it. Smile

But yeah...I was going to make it an editable setting. Maybe later on. For now just edit the file manually.
Thanks for this one~ I like the flexibility you gave for placement and everything else!

Side boxes are a great way to add links and other information that you want your members to see and KNOW they see them!
I like the way you added the option for the boxes to follow you to every page or just keep it on the index page.

Excellent! I can't wait to play with this!
Can it be possible to just have it in the portal and forum and not in the login page? If so how can I do that?
Thanks in advance
It shouldn't be on the login page at all. As a matter of fact mybb has sort of eliminated the old login page. Now it's DHTML.
You can get the old style log in page at member.php?action=login

But that might not be what you meant Tongue

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