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Prune Members 2.0
Cimer !

Tu es vraiment un dédé ^^
When I install this plug-in, my forum slows to a crawl. I deactivate and the problem clears up. Has anyone had this issue or is there something I should be looking for?

The first time I did it, I installed the "PM on Registration" plugin at the same time. I deactivated both of them and the problem went away. I went back and turned on the "PM on Reg" plugin and the forum works fine so I assume it's with the Prune 2.0 plugin.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Prune members will have no effect on site performance.

It only effects the admincp and doesn't do anything unless you actually use it in admincp. Are you sure it was this plugin that you installed? I know there is one that works off tasks which might create more of a problem.

I can't speak on PM on Reg because I am not it's author but I have it running here and at HF just fine.
I thought I was sure, but I will download it again here to make sure.

Thanks so much for your help. I checked out your new site and enjoyed it. Wealth of information there.
Speaking of tasks, are there certain tasks that might cause this type of behavior or that Prune might be affected by? Currently, my tasks perform a daily backup and I have the "promotion" system running. I suppose I don't NEED a daily backup. But have these tasks (or others) been reported to cause a slow-down on forums?
Works perfectly. Cheers!
Thank you! Just what I need. Smile
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Just what I was looking for..
Great mod but I have a suggestion that i posted here:
I apoligize for the bump, I don't know if this is still supported but I get a MySQL error when I hit the prune button.
MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:
    1054 - Unknown column 'uid' in 'where clause'
    DELETE FROM mybb_moderators WHERE uid='175'

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