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Last Edit Lock w/ Staff Only Warn
(Oct 01, 2008, 02:11 AM)DAMINK Wrote: Wow thats thinking outside the box. Man you come up with the kickass plugins. Really.

Granted it's nice but there has been plugins like it floating around since the 1.2x days.
(Mar 16, 2009, 04:44 PM)technoman Wrote: Ok your enabled and staff and users is enabled, but it does not give any other option when editting someones post still ?

Options? What options? It just locks the post.

1. Member makes a post
2. Someone other than member edits the post (moderator)
3. Post cannot be edited by the member (unless member is a moderator).
4. Attempt to edit will be met with an error message. But no "locked" message is displayed until they do attempt to edit.

There are no options. Have you misunderstood how this works?
ok you posted and i edit what you posted so can you tell me if you were able to edit it yoruself, let me know labroc, so we can see if it worked?

I can't edit via quick edit or full edit. The plugin works fine to me.
thanks, then it works and thats great, another good plugin !
Updated to v2.0 of this plugin and added a Staff Only Mycode function. Read the first post for more info.

It just says [warn] and [deleted] for me on that, Labrocca. Do I need to be logged in?

Whoops..the plugin works except for the fact you can't warn yourself and have it display to non members. hehe..

Look at that post. I actually created an additional message for [deleted] as well as [warn]
Can I define the warning using global.css? Because it's not working ...

$message = preg_replace("#\[warn\]#i", "<div class=\"warning\">User was warned for this post.<br />
<a href=>Please read the Community Rules.</a></div>", $message);
And what's in the warning css? Is it a #warning or .warning?

Try adding another class because warning is already defined by mybb. Try using something like .postwarn

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