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[How To] Mymood side box
Hi everyone,
Here is my request:

How to include a mymood sidebox on a forum?

I have both plugin installed, and I try to add code in the custom side boxe, but I have troubles with recovering the current user mood with the picture.

Any idea?

thank you for your replies! Smile
Shd be moved to General Support.
Try putting the code you find for the mood in the postbit into the sidebox. That didn't work in the header when I tried it though.
You will probably need to add the global for the variable into the sidebox plugin file.

I assume you run My Sideboxes. What mood plugin are you running?
Matt, I tried as well without success.
Labrocca, I am running these versions :

MyMood (1.0 Beta)
This will show user mood for current day.
Created by Hamid Nozari & jnd52


Side Boxes! (3.0)
Additional boxes on the right of the forums in index page.
Created by Zaher1988

I am fully open to change versions.

Sadiqaad sorry for posting in the wrong place :s

I thank you for your replies.
Sorry I couldn't help - I hope someone figures this out, I always wanted to know how to put the user's current mood in the welcome block and make the menu appear to change it when it's clicked.
Humpf... I tried to add the global for the variable into the sidebox plugin file but without result..
Any help?

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