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(Oct 10, 2008, 12:20 AM)labrocca Wrote:
Quote:Always good to have a decent selection of BOTH free and paid which MYBB is starting to have now thanks to here.

Yes...and in my own way I think I have inspired others to compete with me. Mybbsource is probably a good example. I wonder if they would have bothered had I still been freely releasing my stuff. I kind of doubt it since many of their popular plugins are just smaller versions of mine. Overall I think the more involved with mybb the better and it doesn't matter the level of involvment. Everyone has their comfort zone.

Quote:Next time someone complains dont bitch at them or call them cheap or whatever. Just explain the benifits of having this place and leave it at that.

I mostly stick with that or ignore them...mostly. Smile

Quote:I *believe* it is the concept some dont grasp. As a few know i was guilty of it.
Issue is people see MYBB itself doing what it is for free.

Oh I fully understand and even respect their position. I just don't agree nor am I obligated to. What I do isn't illegal, against the TOS of mybb, or even frowned upon by them. They are indifferent to the situation. I think Chris probably does appreciate the bit of money he gets. I know his server costs are near $200 a month that's $2400 a year. It's not chump change. Any few ways he can maintain his own integrity and still help cover costs probably makes him happy. I don't know what others donate but I have a feeling it's not much. I been thinking of setting up a donate button here that directly gives Chris the money.

Harry..when you going to subscribe. I know you want to. Smile

May just happen after the winter ( My buisy season ) is over with. Have alot i wanna do with my weather paysite a bit of which will require good solid complex plugins like you have and perhaps even more (Complete redesign? ) depending on what is finally decided thats needed. And yes i'll give a heads up as i know your buisy as well. Smile
Lol, wow.. O.O

This is a very random topic! xD
And yet it's so true.. =X

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